Work-Life Integration vs. Balance Philosophers throughout the ages have spoken to the need for Balance.  Prior to the industrial revolution most of humanity didn’t have any reason to distinguish between Work and Life. That’s because Life was Work.  The agrarian based world meant that the life of each individual was consumed with working the land; crops, herds, flocks. The second industrial revolution of the late 19th Century created expectations of economic gain from one generation to the next.  Working harder resulted in economic gains. Organized labor secured overtime pay.  White collar workers competed for bonuses and commissions and the public at large responded to hard working companies in the stock market. Today’s always on, always connected, global business environment has blurred the lines between Work and Life.  Who doesn’t do e-mail on nights and weekends. Social Media extends past the traditional 5 PM end of work day as we update our LinkedIn profiles and read group discussions. Global teams require conference calls during times previously used for sleep.  The result of efforts to balance life is increased stress. Impact of Imbalance High turn-over, broken relationships and disengaged employees are just the tip of the Impact of Imbalance iceberg. This epidemic has resulted in a myriad of psychological, social and spiritual programs. The popular outgrowth of this Imbalance is Life Coaching.  With over 121 million Internet references this revamped version of the 1960’s Human Potential Movement attempts to focus people on how to gain happiness and fulfillment in their lives. So how does the self-oriented, self-help method coexist with the anytime, anywhere globally connected world?  It doesn’t’.  

So why are some people just seem happier at work that others? Integrating the Whole Person Impact Coaching+Advising developed the Socratic Coach online portal to provide a map to our clients to become full integrated; personal, professional, community, spiritual. Our Coaching+Advising sessions include topics from all four quadrants. It’s up to you, the Client to choose the topic. Impact Coaches+Advisors work with the whole person This open and confidential coaching environment will accelerate the primary reason that had our Clients and their Companies seek a Coaching Solution