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@Hootsuite_Help (3.6.0) can I export LinkedIn contacts (8,200) to include date when we connected? Barry.george@impactventures.com ...

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Working on an article for Forbes on how to develop and use legacy statements in every day life. It's interesting how writing about something so personal results in self-reflection. This is forcing me to evaluate how much giving experience and wisdom (key elements of living a legacy) I've been doing. ...

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Coaching clients always want to know about the journey they are going to take with their coach. The more senior/experienced the client the more details they want.

The coaching process is not about how fast you go. It's not about choosing the shortest route. Coaching is about the journey. It's want you discover about your self along the way that makes the journey so valuable.

As an unnamed Taoist writer once said, " the reward is in the journey".

Let us all learn from this. Enjoy your journey to the fullest.

And hire one of the global coaches from Impact Coaching to help get you there; right on time 🙂

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