Metric Myopia; getting in the way of your success

You’ve got to love Metrics, those elements by which an organization’s behavior and performance are defined and managed. To be sure the vision of creating a set of defined measurements for all stakeholders, customers/shareholders/employees, is appealing to say the least.

The result of this Establishing (what are the critical processes/requirements), Identifying (specific, quantifiable outputs) and Measuring (targets and scores) is that the needs of the stakeholders are lost behind voluminous CRM’s and Dashboards that feed complex ERP’s while sucking the life out of the stakeholders (I know you think that investor only care about profits/stock acceleration but they do care about sustained ROI that only results from truly healthy companies).

To be sure the intention of Metrics are to be appreciated and utilized. However, they must be homogenized with Human Capital into a collaborative and engaged ecosystem. I’m reminded of the words of wisdom from managers decades ago asking me WHAT…

  • 3 things are priorities to the client company
  • 2 things that mean the most to each contact in the company
  • 1 thing will change the landscape and close the sale

Reviewing dozens of different Salesforce screens shows little to support the 3 Whats.

I’ve been guilty of creating so many sections and rules that the really important stuff is lost.

Directing your sales team to the internal FAQ page isn’t enough; they need coaching.

Coaching can be informal as part of a corporate community self-help process or be delivered through a Certified Professional Coach.


Written by Barry M George, President of Impact Coaching + Advising

Delivering Coaching with a Global Presence with a Personal Touch


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