The Coach is in NOW!



If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far go together

~ African Proverb


Great leaders aren’t born. They’re the result of High Performance Teams.

~ Barry M George


What is Team Coaching?


Team Coaching is designed to maximize the combined energy, experience and wisdom of individuals and their manager for the purpose of increasing collaboration and accelerating results.


The success of a business is dependent on good teamwork. How people work together influences everything. When teams work well, people are happy, the business works more smoothly and results are better. Teams that work well are more creative and work faster.

Why do Teams need to be Coaches?

There are three elements to why the need for Team Coaching is so high today compared to the last century.  The Veterans and Baby Boomer generations had both the innate fear of move up or be left behind and an expanding economy in need of more and more leaders. This led to the third element which was the limited amount of knowledge and ease with which it was shared.

Generation X and Y (Millennials) do not possess the fear of being left behind.  Actually other motivators became more important than money and position. They have also entered into a much different marketplace. Not only has the growth in the economy slowed dramatically but the corporate compression, less people doing more work, has removed the number of position into which they can be promoted.

In the past a CEO only had to deal with the politics and personality of their team based on the behavior required in the position. The CFO was steady and predictable.  The CIO was Steady.  The Senior VP of Sales/Marketing was an Influencer.  The VP Administration was Compliant.  And the CEO was Dominant. Everyone new their place and acted accordingly. Today the position behaviors are complicated by the applicable generation in that role and the dynamics of a global market.  What’s a CEO to Do …… Hire an Impact Coach+Advisor.

The Power of Knowledge; Manage vs. Flow

Team Coaching by Impact will get your teams working on the same page.  Not every Certified Professional Coach is right for team coaching. Impact will place a coach with a track record of building/leading teams.  Our Coach will help Your Team to get over the Waste of Time and Money and get back to business success.

It’s hard to get people to overcome the thought that they have to take care of themselves first. It’s hard to get players to give in to the team and become selfless as opposed to selfish.

~Isaiah Thomas Hall of Fame Professional Basketball point guard, coach and executive

 Team Coaching Mechanics

Impact Coaching+Advising designed our Socratic Coach online portal with teams in mind.  We not only maintain the confidentiality of individual conversations and are able to provide insight into team discussions, assigned goals and celebrate victories with the Team Manager and Human Resources.

There are various combinations of meeting types.  Typically we promote the following series of events.

  • 3 to 24 month term
  • Assessments for entire team and manager
  • Debrief session with entire team and manager
  • Intake session with manager of team
  • Intake session with full team and manager.  Recommend this be all parties face to face
  • 1-2 team coaching sessions per month; remote
  • 1-2 individual coaching sessions per month; remote
  • Quarterly to bi-annual face to face team meetings with manage


For the Coach For the Participant
Create Safe EnvironmentAttend every session
Ensure ConfidentialityBe Present
Hold the Agenda for the Team/Group SessionsUphold Safety and Confidentiality
Encourage ParticipationBe respectful
Minimize Rabbit TrailsEngage in Dialogue
Get everyone’s Voice into the SessionReceive Feedback Graciously
See the Individual within the Team/GroupBe open to New Ideas and Information
Be the Time KeeperTalk to Each Other

Team Coaching Development Process

The specifics of each team are truly unique.  However, the process that each team experiences is predictable.  There is a four step process that every team will experience; Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

A brief description of each stage and a development graph is found below.


  • Socializing
  • Safe Topics
  • Testing Ground Rules
  • Building Trust


  • Hard Topics
  • Conflict
  • Competition
  • High Emotions


  • Developing cohesion
  • Cooperation
  • Integration
  • Interactive
  • Sharing


  • Working together
  • Interdependent
  • Task & Process focused
  • Collaboration
  • Supportive
  • Energetic