The Coach is in NOW!

Leadership under this little guys Command and Control style has less and less impact on the younger generations in the workplace.

On the other hand if you think that an executive title and being a nice guy will rally the troops; think again.

There are almost as many opinions about leadership as there are theories about the common cold.  The one thing leaders and colds DO HAVE IN COMMON is that we aren’t going to get rid of either soon.

Building on Understanding

We have found through assessing hundreds of leaders from seasoned executives to high potential employees that there is no one set of elements, arranged in a particular order that they all share in common.  It is known however that when leaders understand themselves and their teams that success will surely follow.  The first step to that understanding is a 3 Dimensional view of the leader’s personality through assessments.

Let’s be clear.  It is not the taking of an assessment that makes a leader.  Rather it is the use of the assessment within the coaching partnership that will open up and expand the leader. You see the purpose of assessments is to learn how to get others to respond better, quicker and with passion to the leader.

Breakthroughs are Critical, Skills, Education and Experience Expected

Every leader, and their HR department, expects that the organization will recruit and develop the Skills, Education and Experience for success.  These elements alone don’t assure great job fit or highly engaged employees.  What’s required is Breakthrough.

“Leadership is the ability to get a person to see what he doesn’t know to do in order to achieve what he wants to achieve…it’s getting the best out of people.”
  ~ Tom Landry Hall of Fame Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

A Breakthrough is when a person becomes aware of what they don’t know

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