The Coach is in NOW!

Coaching Layers

Coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs and their teams have various starting points depending on the specifics of each environment.

Personal/Private pay to Corporate Development the following services are mixed, matched and prioritized to implement objectives and achieve goals.

Leadership Development Coaching

  • Leading with vision
  • Demonstrating courage
  • Leading strategy
  • Inspiring others
  • Develop personal influence
  • Exercising good judgment
  • Develop organizational influence
  • Instituting leadership best practices
  • Gaining and leveraging leadership mentors
  • Driving consensus and alignment
  • Increasing political awareness
  • Becoming more aware of the shifting corporate, customer and cultural environment

Competency Coaching

  • Create balance with work and family demands
  • Personal life issues; non-work related
  • Self-esteem, morale, and motivation
  • Boundary setting and accountability
  • Personal self-motivation, drive, and self-initiative
  • Character, ethics, and core values

Execution Coaching

  • Personal time management
  • Task and priority management
  • Hitting goals and objectives
  • Performance enhancement
  • Meeting management
  • Organizing self and others
  • Solving problems
  • Driving action and results
  • Career Acceleration
  • Running the business
  • Creating innovation
  • Leveraging intelligence

Relationship Coaching

  • Active listening
  • Reading body language
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Relationship building and management
  • Personality/behavioral assessments
  • Interfacing with boss and boss’s peers and superiors
  • Staff cohesiveness/team building/development
  • Political awareness and sensitivity
  • Whole-team executive coaching
  • Expanding own behavioral style range

Management Coaching

  • High potential development
  • Retention of top talent
  • Managing teams
  • Managing operations
  • Fast-tracking high-potential executives
  • Planned succession
  • Management/leadership of former peers
  • Assimilation and onboarding
  • Managing human capital and performance
  • Managing through change
  • Organizational development; fit and engagement