The Coach is in NOW!

Monopoly-ManHow much should I pay for a qualified coach?

This question, along with how do I pick a coach and what does a coaching session look like, are the three most asked. Professional Coaching costs range from $99 to $5,000 per hour.  To be sure at the edges of the range there are clear distinctions in credentials and experience.  However in the middle the differences can be unclear. So what is the criteria used by other coaches, “charge whatever the market will bare”  That’s not good business. And that’s not the way we operate at Impact Coaching+Advising

How much is your time worth?

We have built a pricing model based on your time and expectations. Annual compensation ÷ 1,920 (hours a year) x 2 (you and your coach) = Minimum you should pay for a coach. Keep in mind if you make $180K per year and one of your objectives is to make $250K per year use the $250K for calculation. At Impact Coaching+Advising we charge you what your time is worth to you!  

  ** NOTE:  Minimum hourly rate for Certified Professional Coach is $199 per hour. Base and Calculated rate is for coaching only. The addition of Advisory Services can cost 2-10 times more per hour.  Assessments and other Organizational Development charged separately. Since time is money, don’t waste either; give us a call today