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High Risk Jobs

Historically, “High Risk Jobs” were associated with jobs that were dangerous to the individual.  Today, High Risk Jobs are those in which the decisions made affect the lives of self and others; win/lose, employment, safety, war/piece, life/death. In these positions you are looked to as the authority.  Even after years of training, education and experience are you aware of how the changing culture and new generations impact your Emotional IQ.


Are you at Risk?

Executives and other successful Business Leaders don’t typically look at their jobs, let alone careers, as High Risk.  After all you are the ones who bring in the big revenue, have the transformational ideas, solve the problems and shoulder the burden of shareholders, customers and employees. Yet your past successes have little bearing on continued support from your Boards and Shareholders.  You need a safe, confidential place to work out new thoughts, processes, relationships and other critical what-if situations.

Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital, Attorneys, Engineers you are constantly in a reload cycle; only as good as your last idea, investment, case or design.  The pressures of your jobs don’t allow for the vulnerability that is required to really flush out the strategies required for success. Discovery and Exploration are critical elements of growth.  You won’t be successful without pursuing them.

Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Military, don’t get the benefit of the doubt; you better be right or lives may be lost.  You work in isolation, in teams and in groups.  Who do you talk to when there are doubts about yourself, co-workers, and superiors? Leadership in these fields desperately need a safe environment for brainstorming, exploration of new ideas and personnel decisions. Doing nothing is as dangerous as overreacting when lives are on the line.

Is your Team Healthy or at Risk.  “All for one and one for all” was the motto the Musketeers used to defeat seemingly insurmountable odds.  This concept that a team that works together as one to defeat all in its path has been the subject of thousands of lectures, publications and presentations over the years.  Yet the risk to you and your organization of having a team out of synch can destroy the best of product and service offerings.  Team Coaching can pay huge dividends and help you achieve your goals.

Risk Mitigation through Coaching

Coaching mitigates the potential for failure in High Risk professions.  Coaching is about expanding the individual’s range of thought, style, motivation, competency, relationship, communication, collaboration, creativity and leadership.  Constant expansion of range will mitigate the risks inherent in your profession.

Coaching is a statement of commitment to being great not admission of weakness. Great performers in every segment of society have benefited from Coaching.  So should you!

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