The Coach is in NOW!

Global-DeliveryGlobal Coverage with a Personal Touch


Impact Coaching+Advising is the one company that can provide Global Coverage with a Personal Touch.  Prior to Impact this personal touch was provided via phone and video conferencing between one coach and one client.  Impact has developed a Global Coaching Delivery System, The Socratic Coach, to move Coaching+Advising into the 21st Century.



Human Capital can now be developed within the context of existing corporate development programs.

The Socratic Coaching Platform provides continuity of coaching, consistency of development and ultimate quality control.  Templates reflect a Statement of Work, Worksheets capture activities and your employees held Accountable through Task/Milestone tracking (examples).

When there is a multi-regional or global development program that provides this level of consistent delivery and the support quality control from our Master Coaches you can be assured your investment is going to pay off.

Confidentiality Maintained

Impact Coaches+Advisors always look to protect the Confidentiality of our Clients.  Our Socratic Coach Platform provides insight to the Manager or Human Resources in areas that are not covered by personal confidentiality; assessments, action items, resources assigned and more.

Each client account has 3 levels of security; personal, manager, observer.

Life Cycle Management of Human Capital

Let Impact help you select, develop, engage and retain your Human Capital including:

  • Job Benchmarking for Selecting
  • GAP Analysis of existing workers
  • Full range of Scientific Assessments
  • Onboarding Coaching+Advising
  • Coaching+Advising Individuals for Accelerated Development
  • Coaching Teams for Maximum Performance
  • Conduct 360 Assessments; quantitative and qualitative
  • Coaching+Advising of High Potential Employees
  • Executive Coaching