The Coach is in NOW!

What Does a Coaching Session Look Like


This question, along with how much should I pay for coaching and how do I pick a coach, are the three most asked.

Coaching+Advising is a personalized, customized relationship. The information that follows is for baseline planning purposes only.


What to Expect

You should expect breakthroughs!  We define a breakthrough as “knowing what you don’t know”.  In other words identifying a previously unknown aspect of you, your job, your team, your life.  Sometimes they seem small and other times huge revelations.  In either case the breakthroughs you experience through Coaching+Advising will reduce stress while improving performance.

Where is the Coaching Session?

Impact Coaches work with their clients in the following environments:

  • Face to Face
  • Remote Video
  • Phone

We recommend a mix of at least 1 Face to Face and 2-3 remote sessions per month. These sessions may be augmented with e-mail and short calls as required.

How long do we meet?  *

Scheduled sessions will range from 1 to 2 hours.

The Relationship is a Partnership

Coaching is not therapy; it’s a partnership.  The Client and the Coach+Advisor need to work together

Coaching is part science (organizational behavior, neural linguistic programming, positive psychology, heuristics) and part art (strategic questions, curiosity, frameworks, timing).

The one thing coaching IS NOT is a mystery; “anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown.” Quite to the contrary within the Coaching Session there is nothing left unspoken, unexplained or unknown.

Throughout our website we attempt to explain everything and eliminate the unknown.  Come to think of it the unexplained and the unknown are two critical elements of the Coaching Partnership.

Roles & Responsibilities

For the Client:
  • Be prepared
    o   Have an issue, challenge, transition or decision
  • Be present
    o   Flush out the last crisis from your mind
  • Be open
    o   This is your time to think outside the box
For the Coach
  • Be curious
    o   Look for clues in what isn’t being said by client
  • Be clear
    o   Powerful questions not clutter
  • Be available
    o   Challenge and Support as needed

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