The Coach is in NOW!

At Impact Coaching+Advising we believe that there are Organizational Behavior based Best Practices to achieve highly engaged, collaborative and high performing individuals, teams and companies. Reality dictates that many times we are working with our clients to bridge the GAPs within their organizations.

At Impact Coaching+Advising we define Best Practices for High Performance Organizations as follows.


Our approach benchmarks a specific job, not the person, in an interactive process used for development, selection, retention and management. Utilizing the job benchmarking system from TTI we generate results in key accountabilities specific to the job that can be used to direct a successful recruitment assessments and formulate job descriptions. The TriMetrix® suite of assessments allows you to utilize three or more sciences to maximize your talent potential.


When using our patented job benchmarking process in selection, our best practices yield a 92% success rate and meet guidelines set by the EEOC and OFCCP. We believe that superior performers are selected when the job is able to talk, and our selection process leads to an understanding of the knowledge, intrinsic Motivators, personal attributes, Behaviors (DISC) , Acumen Capacity, Personal Skills and Emotional IQ required of each key accountability for the job in question.


Successful onboarding leads to higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment and reduction in stress. From knowledge workers (2-4 weeks) to Executives (90 days) new employees decide to engage or not in a very short period of time. Impact’s onboarding process doesn’t begin on the employee’s first day; rather, we have found the hiring process to be the first opportunity to ensure workplace readiness. What better way to prepare a new employee (and the new employee’s team) than to engage in job benchmarking and candidate behavioral (DISC) and motivational assessments, ensuring that the new employee is in the position that’s the right fit for that individual? We’ve learned that employees who are in the job that is best suited to their unique sets of skills and inclinations are happier, and thus more likely to remain onboard long-term.


Our workforce analytics are demonstrating that the successful alignment of a company’s talent with its business strategies fuels growth. Those that foster a continuous learning culture find that developing talent pays big dividends. Market leaders gain a competitive edge when they hire, retain and develop today’s high potential employees into the superior performers they will 
need tomorrow.


We believe the primary purpose of executive coaching is to improve employee performance in areas directly connected to achieving goals that fuel company performance. Coaching for improved performance establishes a positive, incentivized experience for the recipient, grounded on improved performance, which could lead to recognition and advancement. Job benchmarks, in tandem with validated assessments and targeted professional development, assure that coaching is on track to further an organization’s performance going forward.


Successful coaching engagements not only reduce the impact of weakness but open the doors to new, highly desirable outcomes.  Often our clients climb this mountain of discovery and find out they are ill equipped to cross over the chasm of opportunity. What’s lacking is the experience to design and implement let alone the risk factors.  Impact Advisors are both Certified Professional Coaches and Individuals with specific operational experience in a vast number of industries, geographies and operating roles.