The Coach is in NOW!


How Productive is your Boardroom?

It has become clear that there are two distinct goals of Boards of Directors; Corporate Governance and Shareholder Value.  It not only takes different skill sets on the Board to assure both goals are met but an ongoing push for evolving the Board into a cohesive, capable and courageous organism.


If you had to rate your board from 1 to 5 (5 high) how would your rate it?


More People less Process

Management Consulting firms promote their processes to improve CEO’s and BOD’s.  Processes are important but Impact Coaches+Advisors provide personalized service based on their own experiences as a CEO and Board Member.  This blend of process and personal touch is want makes Impact Coaching+Advising the go to solution for Boards that want to get better.

Best Practices for BOD/CEO Coaching

At Impact our Best Practice is to have a Coach+Advisor assigned to the Board of Directors/COB and a different Coach+Advisor assigned to the CEO.  The coach is there to observe and recommend styles of communication, support, challenge and collaboration with the goal of minimizing negative conflict and maximizing productivity.  And yes, the Coach+Advisor is there both support and challenge the thought process for continued awareness and expansion. 

Coaching and Goal Attainment

Success at every level starts with setting attainable goals, matching rewards to risk and being accountable. Utilizing our Socratic Coach platform Impact Coaches+Advisors keep all parties on track for success.