The coach is in NOW!

Accelerate your Career with Impact Career Coaching.

Impact Coaching matches our coaching to your needs. Where are you in your career today?

  • Moving In; not fully employed and want to make best decision ASAP
  • Moving Up; in your current organization looking to accelerate the process
  • Moving Out: ready for a new challenge in a new company
  • NOT SURE; indecision and delay can cripple a career


Impact Career Coaching is a powerful choice to take control of your career.


Successful Careers take Strategic Thinking

All too often successful executives lack a strategic plan for their career. You may start out with a plan after college or grad school but all too often that plan is replaced by the competitive, driven and hardworking juggernaut lifestyle.

World Class athletes don’t hesitate to hire a Coach.  They know that in order to be their best and accelerate their careers to maximize their success it requires an expert who can support and challenge them to be their best.


Exclusive Impact Coaching+Advising Portal

You and your Coach work together in an Online Portal which includes the categories below and more to assure Maximum Acceleration of your Career.


  • 3D personal assessment; Behaviors, Motivators, Competencies and Acumen
  • Gain accurate assessment of current direction, focus, conditions, and obstacles to attaining career goals
  • Assess career progression to date, current target market, and skills/abilities needed to gain new role
  • Identify skill set gaps in the career advancement process in order to develop required competencies


  • Develop a career plan with a very specific and detailed set of objectives, called an “Ideal Position Description”
  • Ensure plan is actionable, measurable, and achievable; design roadmap for the next 10–15 years
  • Structure next move to adequately position for subsequent career advancement opportunities


  • Design senior executive résumé, bio, elevator speeches, and letters which clearly reflect goals
  • Identify key missing items, holes, and deficiencies to upgrade overall strength of all the above
  • Develop custom-tailored tools for effective networking, interviewing, and negotiating


  • Learn how best to rapidly grow and leverage networks; gain networking training
  • Uncover key opportunities through reverse recruiting
  • Develop and collaborate on implementing a comprehensive plan to grow and leverage network


  • Develop advanced skills in preparing for and executing executive job interviews
  • Tailored coaching for all key interviews including strategies to deal with “anticipated difficult questions”
  • Design strategic “questions to ask” during interviews; learn how to uncover “red flags” during interviews


  • Develop strategies for negotiating salary, bonus, equity, signing bonuses, and other compensation
  • Gain information necessary to conduct due diligence on potential employers
  • Evaluate offers; make the best possible decision between various opportunities; solidify offers


  • Maintain objectivity; determine which offer comes closest to meeting career plan goals
  • Gain help in making a final selection; follow a disciplined approach to accepting an offer
  • Review trade-offs and priorities regarding life goals; ensure that new role supports most other goals


  • Benchmark the Position
  • Request Assessment of Manager or BOD
  • Assess the Team
  • Set Team Goals for Development
  • Set Team Goals for Performance
  • Set Personal Goals for Performance
  • Establish Standards of Communication
  • Create Managing your Manager Protocols