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Assessments; Why Take the Time

Someone once asked me, “What good is an assessment when it told me what I already know about myself?”  Well that’s the point.  If you could turn off all the distractions, pressure of work, challenges at home while laying in the most comfortable hammock between two palm trees on a white sand beach with a list of questions you most certainly would get 80% or so overlap to the results of a scientific assessment. BUT THAT’S NOT REAL LIFE!

Impact Targets the whole person.


Each of us creates a set of Heuristic Systems.  They’ve been created out of experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery that give a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal.

Assessments penetrate the deep layers of the minds cognitive process to determine the core values of the individual in the midst of the craziness of life.  Assessments don’t locate hidden parts of us, they help you become aware of what is there.

Impact Coaching we use scientifically support assessments from TTI Success Insights. Our debriefing analysts are certified in all TTI Assessments including TriMetrix DNA, TriMetrix HD (latest technology) and Emotional Quotient.


“Despite the importance of pre-coaching assessments, less than 20% of employee coaching is based on sound psychological testing”  Wayne Nemeroff, CEO of PsyMax Solutions


“Instead, most coaching relies on a coach’s “intuition and experience.” HR Focus, July 2006


“The growing demand for corporate coaches and the lack of coaching certification requirements mean that some marginally qualified people are out there offering coaching.”  HR Focus, July 2006


These assessments built on hundreds of millions of data points and designed for specific business roles including:

  • Executives
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building
  • Talent

In addition to these assessments that uncover strengths and weakness in Behavior, Motivation, Acumen, Competency and Emotional Quotient, Impact offers fully customized assessments for:

DISCOVER  the right talent to match the needs within your organization with our patented job benchmarking technique, eliminating poor hires and lost revenue.

ENGAGE  your workforce with intentional communication strategies and the creation of a strategically aligned leadership team while empowering employees to achieve performance objectives.

ADVANCEemerging leaders and prepare your organization for its next stage of growth through the prediction of challenges ahead and the application of proven solutions to solve such challenges.

PERFORM beyond the metrics by creating an understanding and commitment to both individual and company goals through the establishment of a company-wide performance mindset that’s anchored in personal accountability and responsibility.