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About Impact Coaching + Advising

Man-In-Suit_Rolling-Stone_Right-to-Left Founded in 2011 and built on the foundation of a 30 year career in executive leadership by Barry M George and designed with the latest in management science, organizational behavior and coaching techniques, Impact Coaching+Advising provides Entrepreneurs, Executives and their Companies the edge they need to excel in today’s high pressure business climate.

Every successful company has great Leadership DNA not only in the executive offices but throughout the organization.  We call this 360 degree leadership where everyone leads; up, down and sideways.  Leaders are not born; they are developed.

Impact Coaching+Advising commands a global network of Coaches+Advisors prepared to delivery extraordinary results to anyone, anytime, anyplace.

Like King Sisyphus of Greek Mythology fame, executives often feel like they are pushing the rock uphill by themselves only to have it roll back on them. Impact Coaches+Advisors are partners you can trust to work side by side to develop the best possible outcome for every challenge making sure the rocks in your life never roll over you. Our founder and Senior Executive Coach+Advisor, Barry M George, started Impact Coaching+Advising because he has been in your shoes.

Our founder and Senior Executive Coach+Advisor, Barry M George, started Impact Coaching+Advising because he has been in your shoes.

“I’ve been a part of numerous start-ups looking to design a successful organization, Global 200 companies looking to redefine their culture and led various transformation teams and watched the limited success of top down change. Even the executive coaches assigned to me lacked operational experience thus provided only partial impact.  I knew there had to be a better way.”


In Your Shoes

Following his own plan, Barry returned to University 32 years after he received his Bachelors in Economics entering the highly respected Master of Science in Organizational Behavior and Coaching at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Barry is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation; the largest coaching association in the world.  He is also a skilled analyst through TTI Success Insights for a wide range of individual and corporate assessments.

Impact Coaching delivers comprehensive coaching and advising for:

Leadership Development

  • Advanced leadership development
  • Leadership performance enhancement
  • Morale and motivation leadership
  • Leading leaders and developing followers
  • Leadership advising
  • 360°Leadership
  • Leadership self-confidence
  • Leadership principles
  • Diplomacy and influence
  • Strategic relationship development
  • Consensus and alignment among peers
  • Strategic relationship development
  • Organizational influence
  • Organizational politics & social dynamics
  • Political awareness and sensitivity

Work / Life Integration

  • Work / Life integration, more than balance, and quality of life coaching
  • Personal life issues; non-work related coaching
  • Manage work demands with family
  • Life satisfaction, helping you flourish
  • Personal goals and personal life plan
  • Boundary setting and detachment
  • Personal self-motivation, drive and self-initiative
  • Personal ethics and values
  • Self-esteem, morale & motivation

Relationship Management

  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Relationship building
  • Self-confidence
  • Behavioral style management
  • Conflict reluctance
  • Internal relationship management
  • Executive presence
  • Political awareness and sensitivity
  • External relationship management
  • CEO/Board of Directors interface
  • Staff Cohesiveness
  • Board of Director relationships
  • Public and Private Board management
  • Dispute resolution initiatives
  • Conflict management interventions
  • Coaching the Coach for individuals, teams, organizations
Some specific areas our coaches explore with
our clients include the following.

Executive Assessment

  • Strength & weakness identification & analysis
  • Leadership skills inventory and assessment
  • Electronic 360° executive assessment
  • Qualitative 360° interview-based assessments
  • Adaptability to multi-style/generational demands
  • Blind spot / past “baggage”
  • CEO & BOD evaluations & assessments
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • People management
  • Performance management
  • Up to four sciences of integrated assessments

Career Acceleration

  • Applicable for Moving In, Moving Up and Moving Out
  • Career advancement planning and execution
  • Career and life goal setting and attainment
  • Networking for career advancement
  • Design of executive bio, resume & marketing tools
  • Interviewing & negotiating for new positions
  • Onboarding; first 180 days in a new executive role
  • Outplacement transition coaching
  • Career coaching and counseling to gain new role

High Potential / Fast-Track

  • Potential executive retention
  • Coaching as a form of recognition
  • Expand influence throughout new peer group
  • Action planning for fast track development
  • Leverage current opportunity to accelerate career
  • Support for fast-tracking from stakeholders
  • Buy-in to push current boundaries