I’ve used a coach and it didn’t work, why?

I’ve used a coach and it didn’t work, why? 

There are three primary reasons that your coaching experience didn’t work for you.

  1. The Coach not qualified; not a Certified Professional Coach
  2. Trust wasn’t established in the relationship
  3. You needed a Coach AND an Advisor

The responsibility falls on the part of the client to properly vet potential coaches to determine if they are qualified. This includes proficiency in one or more styles of coaching, graduate degrees in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development or Physiology.  In addition to training and education it’s important to feel a connection with the coach which will accelerate trust and thus development.

Speaking of trust, just how does it play out in a coaching relationship?  It’s critical in order for the Coach to be able to challenge the client.  Yes, challenge.  There are many cycles in the coaching relationship.  When you and your coach are exploring and forming new ideas the challenges are soft or frankly supportive.

  • How does that make you fee
  • Why do you think …
  • How would this impact ….
  • If you had to prioritize …

It’s when the development of plans start to occur that the coach needs to challenge the client in order to expand their awareness.

  • How is this different then …….
  • Explain how this is going to support your goals
  • You just told me 15 minutes ago that you didn’t think you could do it.  So what’s changed?
  • You said you would feel empowered.  What are you going to do with that power?

As an executive or entrepreneur accustomed to being in charge challenges can be uncomfortable unless trust has been established between you and the coach.

Finally, you may really need an advisor and a coach; often the same person.

So you’ve picked out a great coach.  Lots of degrees, credentials and coaching experience.  Together you have built a great set of highly desirable future outcomes for you and your company.  But now you find yourself stuck.

It’s like going into the wild with an experienced guide. Your goal is to get to the top of the mountain.   For days you hike through treacherous ground and see some incredible flora and fauna. Yet you see yourself getting closer and closer to the mountain when you come up to a cliff.  You are stuck because you don’t know how to get across the ravine to accomplish your goal.  Now you need an advisor.

The advisor has walked in your shoes, sat at your desk, dealt with boards, run divisions, etc.  Further they have done your job in the same industry with a company of like profile; revenues, public/private/non-profit, employees.

Your advisor and coach can be two separate people if you are unable to hire a coach who can advise as well.

It’s recommended that at the Executive level that a coach be a capable advisor for the client as well.