How much does a Coach cost?

How much does a Coach cost?

Professional Coaching costs range from $99 to $5,000 per hour.  To be sure at the edges of the range there are clear distinctions in credentials and experience.  However in the middle the differences can be unclear. So what is the criteria used by other coaches, “charge whatever the market will bear?” 

A Better Rule of Thumb should be how much is your time work. By taking your hourly value

(Total Compensation you want to earn per year, divided by 1,940 hours = $  XXXX  Hourly rate)

And multiplying it by 2 (your coach is worth the same as your hourly) you get a result of the hourly cost of coaching.

Of course many coaches have a minimum price they charged based on education, experience and certifications.

Also as if the price of coaching includes other services including assessments and advising.

Be cautious if you can’t get a direct answer to the question, “How much is this going to cost?”.